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Thank you for your visit during the Préventica fair that took place in October 2016 in Rennes !

Preventica, exhibition for health at work and prevention of profesionnal risks. 

We were very glad to welcome you on our stand and to show our products.



Use a headlamp with a helmet ? Nothing is easier now thanks to the CLICAS bracket developped by LAGO Pro !
The last lamp in the LAGO Pro range is now available.

Lumen (symbol "lm") is a unit of measurement that measures the light quality or "luminous flux", the quantity of light emitted in all directions by a source of light.

In order to measure the luminous flux emitted by a source, it is placed at the centre of an "integrating sphere", an apparatus which focuses all of the light onto a sensor which then measures the quantity of light emitted.

Lagolight has called on the expertise of the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) for the evaluation of their lamps and flashlights. The tests were made in strict compliance with the American ANSI Standards protocols.